The SchitStorm Scale

Shit storms come in all shapes, sizes, types and can happen at any time.  Shit storms can be compounded by other shit storms.  They often happen in an escalating sequence and at their worst can bring Armageddon like consequences for anyone and anything in their path.

No one is completed insulated from them and it’s safe to say that we all have at least one shit storm happening in our lives at almost any given time

To help understand the potential impact or consequences of shit storms, we’ve devised the SchitStorm Scale as we believe that understanding the shit storm you’ve gotten yourself into is the best way to find a way to survive it.

This scale can be applied to any aspect of life and in later posts we'll do just that.  But for now, here's the basic scale.

L1 – There goes an afternoon, can be caused by just keeping your computer, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband or boss without warning

L2 – Your day/week is ruined, you may have smashed your computer in the process or left your car in a place where you hope someone might steal it or set it on fire

L3 – This is going to make the media rounds and/or you’ve lost a few friends over it.  Keep a low profile for the next month and it might blow over

L4 – A life changing event, but it’s up to you to come out stronger.  You didn’t really mean to pay for the vacation with company money, did you?

L5 – You’re going to need to enter the witness protection program, leave the country under an assumed name or fake your own death

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